Property Management

Farm Management

If you are an absentee landowner interested maximizing your investment while maintaining high quality tenants who care for your property like it was their own, then contact a property management agent with Doran Post & Associates.  We have an exceptional list of clients with great reputations looking to expand.  You will get a fair return from established farmers with proper knowledge on how to tend for your property.


Rental Housing

Lexington is a unique investment community when it comes to rentals.  If you are an established landlord you know the difficulties in finding quality tenants and the work to maintain your properties.  Our agency can help by taking the day to day management on.  We take the applications, collect the rents, and pay the bills out of our trust account.  Our property manager is a certified and audited agent so you can be assured of our integrity.  Call today to discuss how property management can benefit you.